Making your Websites Work for You

we create functionally beautiful web solutions customized for your business


the Winner of a Startup Weekend in Calgary, we teamed up with them to help create a web powered platform for connecting Tradespeople and Employers/Contractors. See how we did it.


Websites with a Purpose

E3DIREKTIV emerged from the state of poor website designs of the early internet. We made our mark developing avant garde User Interfaces and Animations which eventually led to working with large companies and organizations to create what is called Web Applications today.

More than 15 years later we are still emphasizing the User Experience through beautiful designs that aren’t simply a pretty face (unless that’s the plan). We strive to make sites meet business goals, with thoughtful consideration to connecting form with well-engineered function. We work with our clients to set about doing what your business needs, rather than doing what is popular or trendy.

If you want to make the web work for you, contact us and let's see how we can work together.